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Iron County MCF

The Iron County Medical Care Facility is the only facility in Iron County licensed by the State as a Skilled Care Nursing Home with concurrent intermediate care. They are also qualified to accept residents admitted under VA contract. The degree of dependency, debility, and nursing needs of the County Medical Care Facility residents are significantly higher as a class than similar groupings in nursing homes. Quality care is a commitment and a constant goal at the facility. Total nursing needs are provided to the resident in order to maintain a quality service that will fulfill their objectives and high standards. The passing of medications, necessary treatments, monitoring, charting and documentation of information for compliance with State and Federal Nursing Home Rules and Regulations is provided by the professional staff (Registered nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses). CNAs provide total cares as required on a daily basis to assure optimal physical and psychological well-being. It is more than providing physical cares, it is a commitment to take care of the total resident from within as well.


1523 U.S. 2
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

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Chester Pintarelli

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