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Sanilac MCF

In 1963, the Sanilac County Board of Supervisors appointed a Building Committee to work on establishing a County Medical Care Facility. Groundbreaking took place in 1967 and dedication of the new 60-bed nursing home took place July 28, 1968. Expansions occurred in 1978 and 1996. Between 80% and 85% of our residents are eligible for Medicaid benefits. The facility averages about 150 new admissions per year. We employ about 150 employees with an annual payroll of about $4.2 million. Sanilac Medical Care Facility is a great asset to Sanilac County. Each day, local employees serve residents 24 hours per day; no matter if it is a weekend, holiday, snowing and blowing, or any other condition, the residents will be provided their needed care.

137 N. Elk St.

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Jill Harding

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